Swedish Office

ABAKO International Partners AB

Lilla Byvägen 12 A

SE 430 84 Styrsö, Sweden

NB! New postal address

Telephone: +46 31 126767

Fax: +46 31 126767

e-mail: info@abakoip.se

Swedish Office

Key Staff

Gustaf Asplund

Swedish Office Manager, Architect SAR/MSA

Urban Development Advisor

e-mail: gustaf.asplund@abakoip.se

+46 706 910615

+251 911296216

Carin Asplund

Cultural Development Advisor

e-mail: carin.asplund@abakoip.se

+46 706 513697

+251 911296217

Göran Andersson

Low cost construction specialist

e-mail: info@abakoip.se

Ethiopian Office

Key Staff

Zelalem Berhane

Ethiopian Office Manager, Architect

e-mail: zelalem.berhane@abakoip.se


+251 911206218

Hilawi Abraham

Civ. Eng. Contract Administration

e-mail: abako@ethionet.et

Web Design

Agnes Asplund

Visual Arts Expert



Ethiopian Office

ABAKO International Partners AB

P.O.Box 13753

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Visiting address:

Debre Zeit Road 900 mts from Meskel square, left at Meskerem Mazoria, 150 mts in, to the left just before Ethiopian Family Planning Association.

Telephone: +251 11 4162708

Fax: +251 11 4667361

e-mail: abako@ethionet.net